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Catalog of passengers to the Americas

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When researching the possibility of Iberian Jewish roots, the person, date and origins of your family’s possible journey from Spain and Portugal are an invaluable resource. 

We know from history and first-hand testimony from the time that a very high number of those who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean during the years of discovery were forcibly-converted Jews who sought to use these routes to escape persecution from The Inquisition. 

For the first time, you can now verify when your ancestors arrived in the Americas and find the potential missing links between yourself and possible Jewish heritage. 

Passenger lists are an essential part of any ancestry discovery to trace one’s roots, and here are lists of passenger catalogs of those who made the journey from Spain to the Americas during the 16th, 17th and 18th Century.  

These lists index everyone that was registered to travel to the new world and are comprised of various volumes.

Here are the links for download:

V. 1. 1509-1534 – Download

V. 2. 1535-1538 – Download

V. 3. 1539-1559 – Download

V. 4. 1560-1566 – Download

V. 5. 1567-1577 – Part 1  Download – Part 2 Download

V. 6. 1578-1585 – Download – Special thanks to Sergio Andres Elizondo for providing the source to this ebook.

V. 7. 1586-1599 – Download – Special thanks to Sergio Andres Elizondo for providing the source to this ebook.

Vol. 1-3 was copiled unde rthe direction of Cristóbal Bermúdez Plata; vol. 4-5 by Luis Romero Iruela y María del Carmen Galbis Díez; and vol. 6-7 by María del Carmen Galbis Díez.

This link contains all the catalogs: Passajeros a Indias 1492 - 1592 - View

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